Logic Pro course with exam

On the 23rd, 24th and 25th I will be following this three day course in learning Apple’s Logic Pro. The Apple Premium Reseller I work for has giving me the oppertunity to participate in this course which will be meassured by an exam. I will be following in depth teaching about the following subjects: Working … More Logic Pro course with exam


Career details

Almost two years have passed since the first day I started working at an Apple Premium Reseller. In those two years I had not only the privilege of selling Apple (related) products I also worked a full year as an Apple Technician. Now featuring the best of both worlds I’m more than eager to blast … More Career details

Restoring your previous xorg.conf file

Resurrecting your xserver by restoring your previous xorg.confA few days ago I installed Cedega on my portable with Ubuntu Linux installed on it. After installation I customized the application options / preferences and ran the test utility. The test revealed that my 3D Acceleration wasn’t working. I found that a crucial part to have working … More Restoring your previous xorg.conf file

Flash Player 9 for Linux expected in early 2007

Yesterday the following information was released by the people over at Penguin.SWF (developers of Flash Player 9 for Linux): Our current schedule for releasing the final version of Flash Player 9 for Linux is early 2007. Many readers have understandably requested a beta version before that time.alpha-beta.pngYes, we do plan to release a beta version … More Flash Player 9 for Linux expected in early 2007

How-to Install XGL/Compiz on Ubuntu (the easy way).

Some time ago I wrote that I had tried XGL/Compiz using an Intel 855GM onboard chip and Ubuntu Linux. The guide I’ve used however wasn’t a right one or wasn’t good at all. Richard Querin replied with a comment saying he used a much simpeler guide which should work.Having being busy with all sorts of … More How-to Install XGL/Compiz on Ubuntu (the easy way).

Even after the WWDC 2006 Keynote, I’m all Ubuntu.

Working as a sales employee at an Apple Centre I watched the WWDC text messages and photos on Macrumors.com and Engadget.com come by. I found it a quite thrilling keynote with some interesting products and product features being announced and explained.Apple has always been presenting a solution to people who are searching for something easy … More Even after the WWDC 2006 Keynote, I’m all Ubuntu.

XGL in action

Yesterday I found this blog post on Ubuntu Video. This is a nice demonstration of what XGL is capable of. Even more interesting is the fact that this movie is starring a Macbook 2.0GHz with (of course) Ubuntu Linux installed on it. This shows that Apple’s newest portable member is capable of some serious effects … More XGL in action

Palm Zire under Linux

A week ago I found my Palm Zire again. I’ve experienced some easy working for the passed half year and didn’t needed the hand-held. Unfortunately the amount of work is dramatically increasing and I need the Palm to organize it all as efficiently as possible.The device has been out of order for half a year. … More Palm Zire under Linux