Don’t even start about Microsoft

Computers, hardware, software and what not related to it can make people frustrated. It’s perfectly logical that if you are using the computer only a few hours a day for email and word processing you will never understand or be interested in knowing your system in depth. But these days switchers and dual-booters make it a habit of starting flaming about Microsoft Windows. You should know that it isn’t the default level GNU/Linux users, developers and forum moderators / administrators are on.Of course a lot of users who switched to Mac OS X or GNU/Linux have had problems with Microsoft Windows. But it doesn’t means that is the reason why they switched. It also doesn’t means they don’t use Microsoft Windows anymore. GNU/Linux is something very different than commercial operating systems such as Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. GNU/Linux is open-source.We all know Microsoft is a big company. They make their products behind closed doors and what they make is what you get. Totally different are GNU/Linux distributions. They’re created by thousands of contributors all over the world. Everybody who has an idea can voice his or her opinion and start building it. Everybody is allowed to use the code, ask for help and use the end-result. Everybody is even permitted to modify it for it’s own use!That is the biggest reason why people switch.When I joined the Ubuntuforums, one of the first article’s I found in somebodies signature was: “Linux is not Windows” This is a very known article within the community. As time passed I started to get annoyed by the returning ‘winhoos flame threads’ and eventually wrote my own thread. With the thread I hoped people would start thinking about the nonsense they were writing. I encourage you to also read my article before starting or participating in ‘winhoos flame threads’.Of course it’s totally normal to post your history with Microsoft Windows and compare it with your distro experiences. But please, do it in a normal and adult way. This way your writings could end up useful and become considered as good comparison material.

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