Why Ubuntu Linux?

A few years ago GNU/Linux distributions were still only for those who could handle. Users had to compile their own drivers and kernel. Applications which were available at that time weren’t real competitors with applications used under Windows. A lot of terminal work, terminal command skills and configuration editing was required. So it’s logical that a lot of everyday computer users didn’t see nothing in GNU/Linux.But here we are, it’s 2006 and the word Linux has been mentioned more than thousands of times everyday worldwide. Though in the wrong context since the word ‘Linux’ relates to the Kernel. This layer of communication between OS / Distribution and hardware has been blamed of a lot. GNU/Linux distributions such as SuSE Linux have evolved not only rapidly but also functionally.The hardcore terminal command throwing days are over, extensive hacking in configuration and script files isn’t needed, applications have become very mature and serious competitors of Windows based app’s and the support both hardware as community is great!So is it time to switch? Why not dual-boot? I honestly believe people with an Apple using Mac OS X won’t be benefiting as much as Microsoft Windows users would. From my point of view the difference between distro’s such as Ubuntu Linux / SuSE Linux and Mac OS X is the price. I’ve been working on Apple hardware and Mac OS X for half a year now. I find Mac OS X, it’s feature and GUI very in harmony and a real alternative of Microsoft Windows. But the biggest benefit is that the user is able to run creative applications such as Macromedia Studio and Adobe Creative suite.Microsoft Windows users on the other hand do have something to try. I’ve been working on Microsoft Windows operating systems for a long time… who hasn’t. I’m happy that GNU/Linux distributions today are so evolved. Today the day I’m being able to leave commercial interests and problems behind and enjoy open-source!So why should you give GNU/Linux distributions a try? These distributions are all build on a solid Kernel. While this may not mean something to you, it’s a very important factor. The Kernel (as I said before) is mainly busy communicating between hardware and the Operating System. So if the Kernel is weak, poorly build or to complicated for it’s developers you can expect trouble. Also security and stability is important. Why should you be administrator in your account all the time? It’s only a high risk which results in virus-cleaning operations, spyware / ad-ware removal and what not. You can be playing administrator when it’s needed, much less risk! To make things interesting let’s pull up some costs. If something costs money, people are always are prepared to listen. GNU/Linux distributions don’t cost money usually. You can simply download a desired distribution and install it, configure it and use it! Also the software which is a real competitor as I told, is free of charge (usually though). So there you have it! A nice, stable and cost-efficient operating system!Why Ubuntu Linux? Why not SuSE Linux or Puppy Linux? Go ahead, indeed, try, experience and learn. But if at one point you find (community) support lacking, services / devices and software not working OOTB (Out Of The Box) and you’re missing the ability to fully understand your distribution… Ubuntu Linux is the distribution which will take care with all of that.

One thought on “Why Ubuntu Linux?

  1. Egad!

    I am no Windows apologist, by any means. But I am really, really struggling with trying to see what is generating all the enthusiasm for Ubuntu. I have looked over and reviewed 4 different distros and Ubuntu looked like the *worst* of the lot, to me. but then I ‘m looking at the live CD and DVDs and making a decision based on those.

    I’m feeling like folks in the Linux community are delusional when it comes to newbies and beginners, as they think we’re going to start typing stuff in command lines and configuring and compiling stuff. Ain’t happening!

    As long as the Linux community insists on peddling junk, Linux will never be taken seriously by the public, businesses and software and hardware vendors.

    I’ve got a couple of recent reviews of the stuff I’m working with, and you’ll be able to tell pretty quickly that I am a beginner of a pretty low order when it comes to Linux. But I also have a keen understanding of what works and what doesn’t.


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