That’s no coincidence

On the same day I wrote my article called ‘Don’t even start about Microsoft,’ aysiu (member of the Ubuntuforums) also posted one. We didn’t knew about each others post. For me it’s a confirmation about a returning phenomenon. Flamebaits and troll-posts are being made by ‘heatseekers’ as I like to called them.These people like to post a lot of unlogical and nonces threads and post about the whole Windows vs. Linux debate. But as we all know, this is a subject which:1. Does not interests the normal GNU/Linux user2. Is a discussion with no end3. Does not have be started every time over and over, since it’s pointlessThe core problem is even not the subject. It’s the people who go personal, intimidate and try to upset other forum users by their posts. I hope, just as a lot of members on the Ubuntuforums this storm will pass over very quick. For everybody who is interested in aysiu’s post (and I recommend reading it) please click here.

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