Which distribution is the best for me?

A lot of absolute beginners ask themselves this question. When visiting websites of known distributions you will always read the pros but not the cons. No surprise there! But what’s the best method then? I think there are at least two serious methods. But they blend perfectly together.– Get familiarized with a distributionThere are more distributions than other Operating Systems. So you can start searching for a distributions which goals, ideas and what not suits you! Is that important? Maybe at first not. You are not there to contribute or help others. You are there firstly to start using a distribution which you are hopefully gonna enjoy and if necessary being helped. But the chance that you eventually want to contribute and help will only grow as time passes. Because that’s the beauty of Open Source. So surf to the website of different distributions and check out what they have to say. Use Google to find reviews of those distro’s and read them.– User experienceNothing is as valuable as own personal hands-on experience. Installing, configuring, using, tweaking and the ease of it or result will break a distribution or make it. A distribution may be good looking, very popular and what not. But if you can’t handle it’s not the distribution for you! Note, it’s the distribution for you! Don’t start saying GNU/Linux is nothing for you. This is without a doubt the best method to find a distribution which is the best for you. Until you have worked on a couple of distro’s you won’t be able to say which one is more suitable for you and why.– Linux Distribution ChooserA bit more unorthodox but interesting method to choose a distro is the ‘Linux Distribution Chooser’. This web application released by Zegenie Studios asks you question which are related to use, level of experience, way of working and more. Distributions such as Ubuntu / Kubuntu, Debian, SuSE, Linspire / Freespire, Xandros, PCLinuxOS, Yellowdog, Gentoo, Slackware, Mandriva, Fedora Core and more have been added to the list. Based upon the features of the distributions and your choices it matches three (or more) distributions for you. These distributions are most likely the ones you will  enjoy working on. So it’s quite precise!So I’ve you are searching for reviews and official webpage of distributions go Google or hit websites such as:- Distro ReviewsDistroWatchOSVidsTo take the Linux Distribution Chooser test please click here.

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