I tried XGL/Compiz today

This morning I got busy installing XGL/Compiz. I’ve used a community wiki guide to download, install and configure XGL, but especially Compiz. XGL and Compiz (composite manager) are enhancements which make fancy animations, separation of hardware resolution and software resolution possible… and much more according to Novell. Me, being interested in eye-candy and possible Mac OS X look-a-like features tried it for those reasons.The whole technology is still ‘Alpha’ and it is not recommended to be installed on a productive machine. Since I have quite some time to spare and have the Ubuntu CD-Rom lying next to me I decided to give it a try. My portable is equipped with an Intel 855 onboard video chip. Knowing that it isn’t a full-blown video card I didn’t expected very much. Since animations and effects use only more resource I kinda new the outcome.To install XGL I used this guide. After some minutes I continued installing the composite manager (compiz) using this guide. After that was done I only had to configure the composite manager. Being scared of breaking my system before seeing the end result I quickly checked the compiz configuration guide.As I said before, I wasn’t really expecting sunshine. A few weeks ago I installed SLED 10 on my portable to check out XGL/Compiz and it slowed down my notebook with a lot. Browsing the internet, typing a letter or what not was almost all in slow motion. SLED 10 came with too much software pre-installed. A lot of services are enabled and all together they use quite some resources. So maybe my more tweaked and fine-tuned Ubuntu installation would act differently.No difference at all. After booting my Gnome desktop with XGL enabled and the Compiz plugins behind it things went slow motion. Since the project is still alpha and my portable doesn’t have a full-blown video card / standalone video card XGL/Compiz is useless for me.There’s is one thing in particular which I find disappointing. Downloading and installing XGL/Compiz is a breeze. But configuring Compiz is really harsh. When I first started Gset-Compiz I didn’t understood a thing. It took me fifteen minutes get used to the option descriptions and interface made for this application. Since it’s still Alpha I hope this will be changed when it’s beta or near final.

4 thoughts on “I tried XGL/Compiz today

  1. Hi Derek,

    I’ve installed Compiz/AIGLX on my desktop a few times (I’ve had to reinstall Dapper a few times to fix some other stuff) and I used the following guide which was fairly easy (and I’m a newb..believe me). It involves installing a few packages and modifying the xorg.conf file. I have on-board Intel 915g graphics -no super video card that’s for sure – and a P4-3Ghz machine. It doesn’t seem to slow my system down. Here’s the address to the thread, good luck.


    BTW, as a relative Linux newbie, I find your blog right up my alley. Keep up the good writing. I am subscribed.

    Cheers, Richard

  2. Hello Richard Querin,

    The link you provided uses a very different approach to install Compiz/AIGXL. I’ll give it a go today and hope it works better. Thank you for the tip and kind words.

    Best regards,
    Derek Djons.

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