Stop comparing! You’re doing it all wrong

It would be a nice idea to make a sticky out of this or an other well appreciated post already existing. I want to address something which, not only being considered useless by me, but also by many other community members.In a world of commercial software there is always competition and winning. That’s one of the reasons why companies such as Microsoft and Apple try to overrule each other in commercials and conferences. We are all used to that. We frankly don’t even care. It’s a tight market and both companies are what seems to be very capable.Let’s forget the companies. We don’t own them nothing in the first place. Why should we take part of this race? With each year, with each new product, with each new feature and more, one or other company claims itself being innovating and up to date.Well… but none of them is perfect.I don’t understand why most people adopt the A vs. B attitude. There is no such thing as the best Operating System because of quite some factors. There is no such thing as the best software application for the same reason. Not everybody has the same desires and criteria for their needs.But even then a lot of people start to make the wrong comparisons. The most common are of course made about (Ubuntu) Linux vs. Windows, The Gimp vs. Photoshop and OpenOffice vs. Microsoft Office.It is well known to almost all members in almost every community that the differences between applications or Operating system (as described above) are and can be very large. When it comes to the amount of features, commercial applications as good as always win. But does that matter? A lot of people hardly use 80% of all Microsoft Office features. There are quite some people who think they need Photoshop but a simple photo edit tool is suffice. Some people spend hundreds of dollars buying an Operating System and additional software while a Linux variant would made their life’s much easier. Also not everybody finds an extensive amount of eye-candy the reason to call a application or Operating System better!In a world where application / OS choice is personal due to the desires and criteria of people there can’t be one better. Even not with Windows Vista coming up. This Operating System is being followed by many people. Yet again multiple Ubuntu vs. Vista threads appear. The funny part is that people express the concerns about Linux having to deal with this. Well for these Linux vs. Vista, Office vs. OpenOffice and Photoshop vs. The Gimp people I’ve got to say only one thing: “Don’t you worry at all, not everybody is playing follow the herd.”For the people who want to compare two applications in order to pick what’s best for them, please use A. compared to B. Look, now you are comparing!

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