Even after the WWDC 2006 Keynote, I’m all Ubuntu.

Working as a sales employee at an Apple Centre I watched the WWDC text messages and photos on Macrumors.com and Engadget.com come by. I found it a quite thrilling keynote with some interesting products and product features being announced and explained.Apple has always been presenting a solution to people who are searching for something easy what works. Apple hardly fails in creating products and services which apply to that.Most interesting to see were the Mac OS X 10.5 features. Since the WWDC 2006 is over certain highlights (not sure if all) have been released and can be checked on their website. Mac OS X is in my opinion Apple’s first ‘adult’ Operating System. What I mean by that? It’s Apple’s Operating System which allows you to do your work effectively, easy and with style.Also the new Mac Pro is a jewel to look at. Even more if you have the opportunity to remove a side panel of one. While most people hardly even open their case to take a look inside, this machine is a technical achievement from the inside (as is the current and older models).What does it change for me? Hardly anything. I’m still stoked on using GNU/Linux distributions and Ubuntu Linux in specific. I still use and in the future will use GNU/Linux distributions as a main Operating System. Not because it’s free. But because I believe in Open Source and it forms an effective and excellent solution for my needs. Still I will use my current (and in the future new) Apple with Mac OS installed on it. Why? To a certain degree I am dependent of high-quality and industry standard photo-editing software. I am glad I don’t have to choose between the two (distributions or Mac OS). For me they both are perfect solutions to certain needs and requirements.

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