How-to Install XGL/Compiz on Ubuntu (the easy way).

Some time ago I wrote that I had tried XGL/Compiz using an Intel 855GM onboard chip and Ubuntu Linux. The guide I’ve used however wasn’t a right one or wasn’t good at all. Richard Querin replied with a comment saying he used a much simpeler guide which should work.Having being busy with all sorts of things, only today I found an opportunity to install and test XGL on Ubuntu. What a surprise after having used SLED 10, with XGL ‘Out Of the Box’ and a community wiki guide, which failed. Using the link and the information behind it Richard Querin supplied I had XGL up and running in no time and it even works quite fast on my Intel 855GM onboard chip.If you wish to install XGL, which with this guide will be a breeze, I encourage you! I thank Richard Querin for providing me with this information.

9 thoughts on “How-to Install XGL/Compiz on Ubuntu (the easy way).

  1. Derek,

    Glad to hear it worked for you. One of the things I really like about XGL is the fact that you can right click any app’s title block and adjust the opacity as well. That is sometimes really useful. I’ve also found that everyday performance is increased slightly since a great deal of the windowing functions are now handled by the graphics card, leaving the cpu to spend more time on handling other tasks.


  2. I’ve found out about the ‘right click opacity yesterday while playing. It’s a nice feature indeed. It’s also very handy that you can simply drag a window to the edge of the screen and the CUBE will auto-roll over to the next viewport. Excellent!

    I’m still in the processes of exploring and fine-tuning the XGL plugins. A lot of shortcuts don’t work (or I use them wrong). Thank you for your reply and information. I never thaught I would get it all running so smooth since SLED 10 was more ‘Out of the Box’ as possible.

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