Should I try (ai)xgl/compiz

It has been weeks since I’ve installed Compiz on my portable. Should you use (AI)XGL/Compiz on your normal working machine?Not in my case. I’ve been experiencing some rendering issues. In order to solve the problem I have to restart Compiz every time it happens. Is that bad?Since the whole XGL/Compiz thing is alpha I don’t expect an all feature working release. I even don’t expect it to be stable. But for an absolute beginner who doesn’t knows his way around the wole matter will make it even worse. Textboxes with no content will be appearing. Option won’t be visible. If an absolute beginner edits settings out of curiosity he won’t be able to just quickly apply the default values. A nice example is starting an application which requires a system password. I know when to expect this box. While an absolute beginner will be presented with simply an vague opacity screen.If you have a system or partition available which isn’t of importance for you, trying out XGL/Compiz will only be fun.

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