How-to Install XGL/Compiz on Ubuntu (the easy way).

August 8, 2006

Some time ago I wrote that I had tried XGL/Compiz using an Intel 855GM onboard chip and Ubuntu Linux. The guide I’ve used however wasn’t a right one or wasn’t good at all. Richard Querin replied with a comment saying he used a much simpeler guide which should work.Having being busy with all sorts of things, only today I found an opportunity to install and test XGL on Ubuntu. What a surprise after having used SLED 10, with XGL ‘Out Of the Box’ and a community wiki guide, which failed. Using the link and the information behind it Richard Querin supplied I had XGL up and running in no time and it even works quite fast on my Intel 855GM onboard chip.If you wish to install XGL, which with this guide will be a breeze, I encourage you! I thank Richard Querin for providing me with this information.


Even after the WWDC 2006 Keynote, I’m all Ubuntu.

August 7, 2006

Working as a sales employee at an Apple Centre I watched the WWDC text messages and photos on and come by. I found it a quite thrilling keynote with some interesting products and product features being announced and explained.Apple has always been presenting a solution to people who are searching for something easy what works. Apple hardly fails in creating products and services which apply to that.Most interesting to see were the Mac OS X 10.5 features. Since the WWDC 2006 is over certain highlights (not sure if all) have been released and can be checked on their website. Mac OS X is in my opinion Apple’s first ‘adult’ Operating System. What I mean by that? It’s Apple’s Operating System which allows you to do your work effectively, easy and with style.Also the new Mac Pro is a jewel to look at. Even more if you have the opportunity to remove a side panel of one. While most people hardly even open their case to take a look inside, this machine is a technical achievement from the inside (as is the current and older models).What does it change for me? Hardly anything. I’m still stoked on using GNU/Linux distributions and Ubuntu Linux in specific. I still use and in the future will use GNU/Linux distributions as a main Operating System. Not because it’s free. But because I believe in Open Source and it forms an effective and excellent solution for my needs. Still I will use my current (and in the future new) Apple with Mac OS installed on it. Why? To a certain degree I am dependent of high-quality and industry standard photo-editing software. I am glad I don’t have to choose between the two (distributions or Mac OS). For me they both are perfect solutions to certain needs and requirements.

XGL in action

August 7, 2006

Yesterday I found this blog post on Ubuntu Video. This is a nice demonstration of what XGL is capable of. Even more interesting is the fact that this movie is starring a Macbook 2.0GHz with (of course) Ubuntu Linux installed on it. This shows that Apple’s newest portable member is capable of some serious effects and virtual happenings.Click this link to view the movie on Ubuntu Video.

Palm Zire under Linux

August 2, 2006

A week ago I found my Palm Zire again. I’ve experienced some easy working for the passed half year and didn’t needed the hand-held. Unfortunately the amount of work is dramatically increasing and I need the Palm to organize it all as efficiently as possible.The device has been out of order for half a year. I needed to ‘hard reset’ it in order to boot it. This reviving procedure costed me all my data. Numerous telephone numbers, memo’s and quick writings were lost.In order to prevent a repeat I dove into Synaptic (the package manager, Ubuntu uses) and used some keywords, common for hand-held devices. I found J-Pilot. This application is almost identical to the software Palm ships with it’s models. I can work both on my Palm and Notebook and when done just simply synchronize the two using USB or InfraRed.