Haven’t wrote in a while

Today was any other normal day for except the fact I attended a tech-series presentation. This presentation was organized by Apple to share knowledge and information about media and IT solutions. 

For some reason the whole evening made me realize what matters to me a lot and the feeling I forgot about. All of it is just my world. I love technology, I’m always interested in knowing more about it and just experience it.

That’s why I started blogging again. I logged in today and discovered I had up to 78.500 page views so far. I’ve started this blog on July 2006 and with only 20+ articles I find 78.500 views a bunch! It also motivates me seeing that a certain number of published articles is responsible for that. So I really have the feeling I contributed to the community.

I’ve been seriously out of the game with Linux for quite a while. Just a few days ago I installed Ubuntu Linux because I desperately needed to bring a portable with me. I found Linux to have grown and matured. I’m really looking forward in exploring it again.
For the most time my work involving Apple hardware, Apple’s Mac OS X and related products. I’ve also became a store manager at HTR Nederland. So a certain amount of my free time also disappears in that function and related tasks.

I’ll be plunging myself into the world of Apple and Linux in an interesting way for absolute beginners. Just subscribe to my blog and sit back.

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