Ubuntu Linux should promote making backups #Prt. 1

What is a real backup? For a person it can mean burning a CD / DVD with files. For an other person it can mean buying a hard drive. So are there even more options. 

Ubuntu Linux has definitely grown in the last few years. It has become a solid distribution which is proving to be compatible and adaptable in this modern digital lifestyle. For a lot of people the content is beginning to mean a lot. Photographs are being stored, music is being purchased and movies are being edit. Not every person immediately realizes what the consequences might be when a hard drive fails!

Since the the personal computer market has transformed itself from 20mb hard drives to 1TB hard drives in a relatively short period the principals of making backup’s is only officially known in the enterprise market. For consumers and even small businesses buying an extra hard drive often means expanding the total size of their storage capacity! Nothing more.

In it’s own market Apple has accomplished something incredible. Their backup solutions targets all their existing and new CPU owners. Apple’s Time Machine made Mac owners suddenly know a lot more about what a backup means and provided a state of the art solution which requires almost no setup. In combination with Time Capsule the popularity and amazement of exciting and new customers is certainly there to taste. Except the revenues Apple is making… the rumor around the brand has seen a major uprise!

In my opinion that’s exactly what Ubuntu Linux is ready to take and should take on!

I remember the days when F-Spot wasn’t installed on Ubuntu Linux by default. I even remember the days when all kinds of media applications weren’t installed by default and were under major development. Today the day I see Ubuntu Linux gaining more and more recognition and progress in becoming adopted. More people have downloaded and installed Ubuntu Linux in the last two years than before.  I’ve read uncountable stories how people use Ubuntu Linux every day without being experienced in IT or UNIX / Linux. So this distribution is really growing fast. 
Even I use Ubuntu Linux for digital media now these days! So I even don’t want to think about the possibility of loosing my files. Working for years in sales and as technical service provider making backups is a habit for me. Also for more people it’s a habit.

But not for the largest group of users!

In my point of view Ubuntu Linux shouldn’t be responsible for providing a solution. Ubuntu Linux just could help a lot of not knowing users by making them realize what their files mean to them and by default implement a backup tool. With the right kind of marketing it will create a positive vibe and more rumor around the brand.

In #Prt. 2 I will write more about the present backup solutions available.

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