Edgy Eft is under developement

The Ubuntu’s developer community is already working on the next release of Ubuntu Linux called ‘The Edgy Eft’. The final release is scheduled at the end of October.As a beginner, what should you know about development versions? Unlike commercial products you can easily track the progress. Also at a time you desire you can simply download the ‘daily’ version and see how it looks like for yourself. From then on you can use the update-manager to keep the ‘daily’ version updated. But as with all beta’s do not use them as your primary operating system. Also do not import all your files into the system without having or making a backup.If you are interested in keeping track of ‘Edgy Eft’ both on paper as installed on your system, please refer to the links below here.- The Edgy Eft Specification ListThe Edgy Eft Specification List (declined)- The Edgy Eft Release ScheduleThe Edgy Eft Daily buildsThanks to ubuntu_demon for providing the correct links.

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