Installing Intel 815/852/855 graphics controller drivers on Ubuntu / Debian

If you are new to Ubuntu it may happen that devices won’t work. That’s new, for Windows users. Microsoft Windows is an universal Operating System. That’s why hardware manufacturers have developers working for them to write the drivers. But it doesn’t means those drivers also end up in Linux!. There are various reasons for that:- … More Installing Intel 815/852/855 graphics controller drivers on Ubuntu / Debian

I tried XGL/Compiz today

This morning I got busy installing XGL/Compiz. I’ve used a community wiki guide to download, install and configure XGL, but especially Compiz. XGL and Compiz (composite manager) are enhancements which make fancy animations, separation of hardware resolution and software resolution possible… and much more according to Novell. Me, being interested in eye-candy and possible Mac … More I tried XGL/Compiz today

Ubuntu websites / repositories down

Just an hour ago a lot of (official) Ubuntu websites and main repositories went down for what seems to be a (large) maintenance operation. As soon as more information will become available I’ll update this post.Update #1:Hours have passed but still Ubuntu websites and the Ubuntuforums servers are down. On #ubuntuforums at various reasons … More Ubuntu websites / repositories down

Ubuntu 6.10 Knot-1

Yozef, a forum staff member at Ubuntuforums has posted download and release information about the first milestone CD, 6.10 knot-1. It’s of course a developers release but these milestone releases also reflect how the next version is going to look like and it’s an opportunity to search on a major scale for bugs. So software … More Ubuntu 6.10 Knot-1