Ubuntu 6.10 Knot-1

Yozef, a forum staff member at Ubuntuforums has posted download and release information about the first milestone CD, 6.10 knot-1. It’s of course a developers release but these milestone releases also reflect how the next version is going to look like and it’s an opportunity to search on a major scale for bugs. So software developers and beta testers have something new to play with.Please read Yozef’s post if you are interested in downloading this release. Note that developer releases are not meant to become used as your primary operating system. Still in development these releases can get broken from time to time.Can I contribute? Yes! If you have a spare computer left or you can make a dual boot or triple boot you can help and search for faults, problems, errors and what not. I’m going to try to write an full guide on contributing this week. But due to time I fear it will be only online next week.


7 Responses to Ubuntu 6.10 Knot-1

  1. ubuntudemon says:

    Before trying Edgy please read this :

    Don’t use Edgy as your primary (desktop) OS / helping testing

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